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Addiction Recovery and Divorce

This raises the importance of marriage counseling and good communication between couples. But a fairly recent trend suggests that the divorce rate is on a downslope, and so are marriage rates. As such, couples are being more mindful of the responsibilities of marriage before upgrading their relationships. And in the same way, married couples are finding ways to make their relationships work for the long haul. If you decide that separation and divorce is your best option, do not expect that the process will be a simple one.

  • A person with an addiction is more likely to recover when people they love and trust help and encourage them along the way.
  • Whether that addiction is to gambling, alcohol, or drugs, addiction and divorce is a serious matter.
  • Discover how common divorce is, as well as how things like education and race can factor in.
  • Results might also not be generalizable to other countries or cultures, although the lifetime rate of divorce in Sweden is comparable to that in the United States (46).
  • Whether confronting them for the first time, discussing treatment, or staging an intervention, the stress addiction on marriage can be intense.

The added burden they face—especially when they feel their support system is lacking—could help to explain why they are more likely to initiate divorce. Sadly, the mortality rate is 1,363 per 100,000 for divorcees compared with 779 per 100,000 for married couples. Divorce is a final legal end to a marriage, but divorce statistics show that couples sometimes want to be married again to each other after formally dissolving their union. If you are the sober partner in the divorce, you’ll most likely gain your child’s custody and alimony. However, if divorce isn’t an option, various treatment programs are available to help your spouse recover from their addiction.

Why is the divorce rate so high?

For instance, assets can be split between partners, which does not bode well for those who don’t have significant income. Additionally, around 20% of people in the United States have been divorced at least once in their lives. The average age of an American who gets a divorce is 30, while those between the ages of 25 and 34 have the highest rates of drug addiction. When examining addiction and divorce statistics, it is easy to see how one spouse’s addiction can strain a marriage.

Addiction and Divorce Statistics

Although it is not guaranteed, for some married couples, treatment becomes a solution to marital difficulties. Being married to an addict can result in not only physical abuse but also emotional distress. If you are married to someone struggling with addiction, you may feel immense pressure to take care of your spouse or “fix” the problem. One divorce after sobriety of the greatest challenges in the relationships of life comes in the form of a spouse who is abusing drugs and alcohol. This can cause significant financial stress for couples and families and may be even further compounded by other costs related to addiction. This may include the cost of drugs or alcohol, treatment costs, and loss of income.

Treatment Options for Addiction

When dealing with a divorce or separation as a parent, you should take steps to protect your child from feeling the emotional effects of the situation. While they’re certainly going to experience an adjustment period, there are ways to make the situation less traumatic to reduce the likelihood that your teen or adolescent will engage in alcohol or drug abuse to cope. Many substances cause withdrawal symptoms when a person stops using them. Depending on the type of addiction, some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous.

Marriages are often based on trust, and trust can very easily be broken due to an addiction. The addicted person may lie about where they have been, what they are doing, and also how they spend their money. 36% of Americans who are divorced, separated or widowed say they have ever used a dating site or app; 16% of married adults say the same.

Financial Problems

Individuals with an addiction tend to lie to their spouses about the severity of their addictions, conceal how much money they spend to pay for them, and break promises to change their behavior. Over time, this dishonesty breaks the basic foundations of trust which are necessary in any relationship. Spouses who have addictions to sex or pornography might also commit adultery or be unfaithful, which is another breach of trust. Transitioning from a romantic relationship to marriage is no cakewalk. There is the added pressure that couples are legally bound for life. More responsibilities, like having kids and sharing expenses, are also shouldered by the couple.

  • However, it may be good to know that the divorce rate has dropped in recent years, and more so during the time of COVID-19.
  • But this does not mean that couples should be complacent in their marital affairs.
  • In marriages where both parties were using alcohol in their early 20’s, one of the principals usually works through substance abuse and engages the many issues that marriage presents.
  • The judge may also grant the addicted parent visitation rights but require supervision and drug testing.
  • We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals.

Couples report many different reasons for ending a marital relationship. However, these are the most common explanations cited by divorcing couples. When considering the divorce rate, it is helpful to understand there are two different measures used.

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Addiction and Divorce Statistics

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