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2: International competition participation (WIZMIZ hosted in Thailand, and the IYMC in India)

Years: 2011 – 2019

Purpose: International competitions are participated to provide opportunities to highly talented individuals to test themselves against the best in the world.  It is also a good litmus test to gauge the quality of own olympiads.


  • WIZMIC Under 14 Mathematics Contest in 2011 and 2014.
  • International Mathematics and Science Olympiad for under 12 in India and Thailand in 2012 and 2015 respectively.
  • 6th International English Odyssey in Lucknow India in 2014.
  • International school sports Olympiad in India.
  • IYMIC which is an international mathematics event for under 16 and under 18 learners.
  • In 2016 Participated in the 7th International English Odyssey.
  • Participated in WIZMIC ( Under 14 International Mathematics Olympiad in Lucknow; India.
  • Participated in IYMC (International Youth Mathematics Convention) in Lucknow; India.
  • In 2018 we participated in IYMC in Lucknow, India.


Note: In 2023, we launched the South African Mathematical Literacy Olympiad and the South African Business Studies Olympiad (Innovation).


  • 60 teams from throughout the world participated. Won 13 bronze and one silver medal in 2014.
  • Won 2 bronze medals in Mathematics and 4 bronze medals in Science.
  • Won 1 medal.
  • Won 9 gold; 14 silver and 2 bronze medals in Athletics. Won the athletics championship.
  • Won 5 bronze and one silver medal. Justin Parsuraman won the silver medal. He worked 5 out of 8 problems. If he had 6 right he would have won a gold medal.
  • Over 60 Junior and Senior teams from throughout the world participated. Won 3 awards. Manelisi Ntshangase who won the award for being the most versatile Junior English Student. He is from Wingen Heights Secondary.
  • 48 teams from throughout the world participated. We took 6 teams. One team was selected by eThekwini Municipality. A coaching booklet and a DVD was used for the purposes of coaching. FEMSSISA won 16 bronze medals. The cherry on the top was one of the grade 7 learners from Umlazi won a bronze medal. This was the first in the history of Umlazi.
  • 19 countries and 144 teams participated. This was done in 3 categories.

Primary (10-13 years); Junior High (14-15 years) Senior High (16-18 years). FEMSSISA won 13 bronze and 1 silver medal.

  • We won 16 bronze and 1 silver medal. The countries that excel are:- Philippines; Thailand; Indonesia; Taiwan; Vietnam; Sri Lanka and India. It is after these countries that FEMSSISA is placed.
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