PDRAs should upload their papers, yes. This may make certain that these outputs meet the criteria for REF submission, wherever the writer is situated at enough time associated with next REF.

Apart from this, the REF policy encourages available access for all outputs, and uploading papers enables writers to use the advantages of making their research easily available, including increased citations and packages. Devices of Assessment can show their wider dedication to available access in their REF Environment statements.

For the exact same reasons, we advice that honorary people of staff upload their publications.

No. Uploading your accepted manuscript to RPS doesn’t openly make it available immediately. When you upload, the Open Access Team will check out the file and apply the appropriate access embargo period that is open.

Publishers ordinarily enforce an embargo (wait) on making documents available access (this is certainly lay out into the terms and conditions/copyright transfer contract you consent to when you publish), except in which a cost is compensated for Gold available access. The citation and abstract will appear in UCL Discovery following the Open Access Team has prepared the file, however the accepted manuscript it self is only going to be produced access that is open the embargo duration.

You can contact the Open Access Team to request that the citation and abstract are not made public until after publication – though publishers do not normally consider that making this information available in an open access repository breaches any publication embargo if you are uploading before publication.

The REF available access policy will not limit writers’ range of the best log due to their production.

Many journals are compliant with all the policy. Where a journal will not comply, since it doesn’t enable access that is open a repository within one year (REF panels A and B) or 24 months (REF panels C and D) of book, or does not enable available access in a repository at all, the writer is motivated to consider posting in an alternate journal. In the event that writer nevertheless desires to create into the selected journal, and considers that it’s the most likely book for the job, an exclusion to your policy pertains. The accepted manuscript should nevertheless be uploaded to RPS inside the needed duration (see whenever can I upload to RPS?).

In case your paper is posted as silver open access – for example. available access in the publisher’s internet site – as soon because it is posted, under a licence that enables copying and reuse, you certainly do not need to upload it to RPS. The paper complies utilizing the REF policy. Many Gold open access documents are published under A imaginative Commons (CC) licence, which fulfills these needs. In the event the paper is available access, but doesn’t have A creative Commons (CC) licence, you ought to upload the ultimate accepted manuscript to RPS inside the required duration (see whenever can I upload to RPS?).

Accepted manuscripts deposited various other repositories ( ag e.g. European countries PubMed Central or any other organization’s repository), either by writers or writers, must certanly be uploaded to RPS too. If for example the paper had been uploaded to a different repository, yet not to RPS, in the necessary duration (see whenever can I upload to RPS?), it may be feasible to show so it complies using the REF policy. Contact the Open Access Team, providing the Address associated with paper into the other repository, to talk about this.

Unless your paper is posted as silver open access, the ultimate accepted manuscript should always be uploaded to RPS, regardless of if the paper is present by way of a pre-print solution (age.g. arXiv, bioRxiv, chemRxiv, medRxiv or SSRN). These solutions may not http://www.bestwriter.org be utilized to show conformity aided by the REF available access policy, as they do not often recognize the variation which was uploaded. Nonetheless, in which a variation just like the accepted manuscript/final variation had been uploaded to a service that is pre-print very very first online book, the paper are treated as compliant utilizing the REF available access policy under an unique supply into the policy. Contact the Open Access Team if this applies to all of your documents.

In the event your funder calls for available access in a topic repository such as for example European countries PubMed Central, as well as your paper is not Gold open access, you will have to upload your manuscript both to European countries PubMed Central also to RPS. If the paper ended up being uploaded to a different organization’s repository or perhaps a topic repository, yet not to RPS, in the needed duration (see whenever can I upload to RPS?), it may possibly be feasible to show so it complies using the REF policy. Contact the Open Access Team, providing the Address for the paper within the other repository, to go over this.

Web Web Web Sites like ResearchGate and Academia.edu are social media web web sites with commercial company models. They cannot make sure long-lasting access to deposited magazines. Uploading to those web web sites will not match the needs regarding the REF available access policy.

Writers frequently make documents easily designed for a period that is limited of. This is simply not exactly like Gold available access, meaning that the paper may be freely for sale in perpetuity in the publisher’s web site, having a licence that enables copying and reuse. The place where a paper is labelled “free” or “free to view”, the accepted manuscript nevertheless should be uploaded to RPS.

An available padlock in the publisher’s site might not denote open access. It is simply a sign that the content can be acquired through a subscription that is ucl.

Silver available access documents are usually labelled “open access”, and often have an imaginative Commons licence declaration. See If my paper is (or will soon be) posted access that is open can I still upload it?“.

UCL’s policy is the fact that all outputs ought to be uploaded to RPS and made freely for sale in UCL Discovery where copyright conditions enable. The REF available access policy encourages writers in order to make outputs such as for instance publications and guide chapters openly available. Devices of Assessment can show their wider commitment to access that is open their REF Environment statements. Making work access that is open UCL Discovery will result in increased citations and greater exposure for the research.

Yes, so long as your final accepted manuscript had been uploaded to RPS inside the period that is requiredsee whenever can I upload to RPS?). It’s going to adhere to the REF policy, regardless if the publisher’s embargo duration implies that it is really not available access at the full time associated with the REF submission.

The version which should be uploaded to UCL’s Research Publications Service (RPS) is the ultimate accepted manuscript. Nevertheless, REF panels are anticipated to evaluate posted variations of record, maybe perhaps maybe not accepted manuscripts.

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